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Welcome to my blog "I call it value devops."

by Rainer Helmes published 2019/03/18 15:07:00 GMT+0, last modified 2019-04-09T14:37:04+00:00

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My motto "I call it value devops" refers to a value based approach to business development and organizational deployment with regard to the digital opportunities and challenges.

I am going to discuss machine learning, cloud infrastructure, continuous integration, continuous delivery and last but not least continuous deployment.

This blog is about data - more precisely: big data processing.

Data processing in 5 steps - simplified and in brief:

  1. Choose and validate your big data
  2. Data modeling
  3. Machine learning, deep learning
  4. Evaluation
  5. Visualization and decision making

Coming soon ... A mini series of 5 articles that may clarify the above mentioned topics and furthermore I am going to explain what I mean by value devops.  ... please stay tuned.

  1. The myth of big data
  2. A basic understanding of machine learning and deep learning
  3. The meaning of cloud infrastructure with respect to machine learning
  4. Oportunities and challenges when it comes to continuous integration, continuous delivery and last but not least continous deployment
  5. Conclusion and summary: Why do I call it value devops? Why does value devops matter?